How long does it usually take?

The timing is situation based, in case of a regular grooming session it takes about an average of 45 min (varies from breed to breed) and if the hair needs to be cut then we would request you to allow around 1-1.5 hours so that we can wash, dry and cut the hair properly. If the hair is matted or knotted it can take longer and if it is a very short or zero cut, generally will take less time. But then again temperament of your pet is another aspect as snappy/aggressive dog/cat would require more time as it will be difficult to handle them. . You will be given the exact details the time you visit for grooming.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the breed, condition and individual temperament. We categorise the breeds as per size and weight, the charges are as follows;

  • Small breeds (upto 10kgs) – 600/-
  • Medium breeds (10-25kgs) – 700/-
  • Large breeds (25-40kgs) – 800/-
  • Giant breeds (over 40kgs) – 900/-
  • Additional 600/- for hair cut

Kindly go through our services menu to get an exact idea of what we have to offer and what all does our services includes considering that we do few additional services like tick treatments/ whitening session/ de-shedding sessions etc.

Do you bathe the dog first?

In order to get an even hair cut the hair needs to be clean so we always groom the dog first to get a smoother coat to work on. Depending on your pet’s breed and style, the groomer may do a “rough cut.” After the rough cut, your pet is washed; blow dried and then is followed by the final finishes in the haircut. In other cases, we may wash and dry the pet completely before starting the haircut.

What products do you use?

We use the best quality shampoos and conditioners which are completely dog/cat friendly. The shampoos are selected and used according to the pet’s coat (long/short/white coat, sensitive skin etc.) condition and selected after close analysis but we can vary the shampoo depending on your needs. After the pet is washed and rinsed, we may use a conditioner as well if needed. Feel free to bring your favourite shampoo or other products and to discuss product choice with your groomer.

Can I stay with my pet and watch?

Our grooming areas are completely visible behind glass and thus it makes it an experience watching your pet groomed. However, sometimes your pet can see you and would try to get to you and can result in a dangerous condition thus at times you might be requested to hide/step out for a while to calm the pet. The groomer is working with sharp tools and always looks for your support and cooperation to avoid accidents and get a good result.

Can I bring in a picture?

Sure. The groomer will discuss your options and try to achieve the same result.

How is my dog dried?

Usually pets are dried with a combination of different methods. While in the tub we first dry them with a special absorbent towel meant for dog & cats and then use a high-velocity dryer that blows off the majority of water. Then we use a dryer that the pet can sit, lay and turn around in that circulates air all around them. All of these drying methods are considered safe and have been in use for many years by grooming salons, veterinarians and kennels.

How often should they be groomed?

We generally say that our results last for a good duration of about 10-15 days and suggest the grooming to happen after an interval of about 15-20 days. However, it is again scenario based as some pets have stronger odour and thus would require earlier washing sessions to keep them fresh. Other factors also vary like, pets regular activities, living habitat, weather condition and other such factors have to be kept in mind.