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Welcome To Dogspa

Our mission at DOGSPA is to provide a safe and loving environment for your pet. DOGSPA is run by people who are passionate about pets with their health and safety as their prime passion. We are not Bankers/ Managers/ Officials of any sort who have left their jobs to start grooming as a business. But are here to provide a professional hygienic and best in class service for the betterment of your pets. We have an experience in this profession since 2014 and have been going strong ever since. We have high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, all our equipment s and stations are sanitized after every session so as to ensure the well being of pets.
We employ only the best groomers in the area who are both patient and gentle with each dog they groom. This is our passion, and it shows on the happy faces and wagging tails of our satisfied customers! We are the most "Hygienic" spa in town, offering full-service dog grooming that was created FOR PET LOVERS BY PET LOVERS !
At DogSpa we love to spoil, treat and pamper your pet by the list of product options in all categories. All our products are personally handpicked and selectively sourced considering their quality and usage. DOGSPA is a one stop shop in town for all your pet’s need. Choose one of our pampering packages below or consult with us today for various options and services we have to offer. At DogSpa and Pet Shop, the comfort of your pet is our priority. We care for all breeds and all sizes!

Doesn’t your dog deserve a royal service today?


Our Services

Squeaky Clean Package

  • Bath with all natural shampoo
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ears and eyes cleaning
  • Dental Check
  • Perfume spray included
  • Prices vary with size and breed

Hair cutting and styling

  • Baths with all—natural shampoo
  • Nail Trimming
  • Ears and eyes cleaning
  • Dental Check
  • Perfume spray included
  • Prices vary with size and breed

Dry Bath Package

  • An alternative to traditional ”wet” shampoo cleaning and deodorizing for dogs
  • A few of many helpful uses include during bad weather, between bathing, to spot clean and caring for puppies and kittens

De-shedding Treatment

  • Removes the loose, dead undercoat without damaging the top coat arid reduces shedding
  • Prices vary with size arid breed Rs.20 0,250,300,350 (Small to Large)

Remoisturrisinig Treatment

  • Deep conditioning massage arid luxurious coat coriditioning wash
  • Works exceptiorially well with pets that have dry, damaged or long coats.
  • Will moisturize and add incredible shine arid softness.
  • Prices vary with size arid breed: Rs.20 0,250,300,350 (Small to Large)

Aromatherapy Massage

  • Massage is done Special homemade blend of Aroma Oil which is good for the fur quality & relaxes the pet.

Tick and Flea Treatment

  • Safe and effective
  • Helps with Flea, Tick and biting insect control

Excess Matt Removal

  • Rs.25O (Variable as per job)

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Our mission at the DogSpaTM is to provide you with safe and loving services for your dog. DogSpaTM is run by people who are passionate about pets and their health and safety are their prime passion.

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